Call for Participation

In order to stimulate discussion and exchange of ideas on exploring the urban space in the Web 2.0 world we propose the following themes:

  • Enabling technologies, software architectures, and protocols for exploring urban spaces with Web 2.0.
  • Mobile devices, small and large displays, social networking services, bio- and sensor-based networks as singular or mesh technologies for urban space.
  • Novel applications for mobile devices, public displays, and social networking services that enhance exploration of the urban spaces.
  • Novel applications that quantify/visualize current amount of information available in urban spaces.
  • Interaction concepts and metaphors for navigation in urban spaces.
  • Personalizing the experience of exploring the urban space for people.
  • Tools for measuring and assessing the impact of technology on exploration of the urban space.
  • Understanding the user experience of exploring the urban space in a holistic way, i.e., both unmediated and mediated through Web 2.0 information.
  • Understanding the impact of pervasive information and technology on urban spaces.
  • Frameworks and tool-kits for public displays, mobile phones, and social networks that work within urban settings.
  • User engagement within urban spaces.
  • New applications for urban spaces.
  • Leveraging social networking services and recommender systems within the urban space.

Goals and expected audience

The intended outcomes of this workshop are the following:

  • Bringing together researchers and practitioners to discuss how Web 2.0 and pervasive technologies impact on the experience of exploring the urban space.
  • Creating a common understanding and perspective of the challenges related to exploring urban spaces through Web 2.0 and pervasive technologies.
  • Propose perspectives on how to address these challenges in future research and development of interactive systems for the urban space.
  • Develop a research agenda, i.e., which system, HCI, and UX related issues (e.g. models, factors, measurements) for the urban space are important to be researched within the next five years.

The workshop is intended for:

  • HCI researcher interested in the urban space context
  • UX experts, who are willing to adapt UX models and extend UX factors to enhance and assess experiences of urban spaces
  • Researchers coming from the Ubicomp/ Pervasive/ Wearable area with interest in developing and deploying applications that explore and augment urban spaces
  • Public display designers and engineers interested in the urban space context both from a scientific, as well as from an industrial perspective
  • Media artists and architects interested in augmenting urban spaces with digital information